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"What's the point of backing up my data? I've never had a problem!" What's The Risk?

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How do I get my data protected?

For immediate protection download our small piece of software on to your computer or server, register in app and start your backup process. Up to 10GB for Free*.

No need for a credit card or any payment details.

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Where is my cloud data stored?

Right in the heart of the Midlands, here in Ruddington, Nottingham.

Our Data Centre:

  • Strong physical security - Secure
  • 24/7 monitoring - Monitored
  • Multiple Fibre bearers - Resilient
  • Tier 2+ data centre - Protected

We own and run all of the hardware, software and facilities. This means we do away with having our primary data centre somewhere in Mainland Europe or America! We control everything in our data centre including the internet pipe and hardware.

What happens in the event of data loss?

Your last known good backups can be accessed via a number of ways:

  • Via a web browser - Logging in to your secure profile allows you to see all of your backup sets. Data can be restored individually, folder by folder or as entire sets. All you need is a java compatible browser and an internet connection.
  • Through our backup software - Open your Basic Online Backup software on your Mac or PC, select the correct backup set and hit restore. If you need to access it on a different computer simply download the software again, enter your credentials and start you restore.
  • Delivered to your door - We also offer a delivery service where your data or backed up image can be loaded on to a drive and securely delivered to you. This can be a quicker way of retrieving all of your data if you have a large amount to restore. Alternatively, you can come to us and have the data loaded on to a hard drive / usb.

Quickly restoring your systems and data is key to your business surviving long term. Learn more.

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What can Basic Storage back up and protect? Learn more.

What can Basic Storage back up and protect?