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We know your data and systems availability can make or break a business. So getting back on track is a crucial piece of the puzzle.

Basic Online Backup provides protection for the business fileserver. The operating system, applications and data are all critical to the running of a fileserver and if (read: when) you lose something you'll have the peace of mind that it's all still safe and recoverable.

Knowing you've backed up your data is one thing but if you can't restore it then it was all for nothing!

Our continuity and recovery service is supported by the fact that we check your backup. Unlike a lot of other backup and recovery solutions and companies, we check the integrity of your scheduled backups and can identify any problems or even if the backup failed for any reason.

How it works when it's gone wrong.

It's late in the day and you're all ready to send the final accounts off to the printers for tomorrows deadline. But hang on....."where is the document I had saved? I know for a fact that it was on my desktop next to the blank template I created it from....oh no!"

I permanently deleted the wrong file

"I permanently deleted the wrong file. Now I'm going to have to try and recreate the whole thing and miss the family meal tonight I was so looking forward to!"

Backup to the rescue

Having a backup and recovery plan in place negates problems like this.

Having both broad and specific backup sets gives you the flexibility of using different configurations.

For example, the scenario above could be protected by having backup sets covering the whole computer or specific local folders including the desktop. Tie this in with continuous data protection (real time backup) and every time an alteration is made the change is backed up.

You start the recovery using the installed client (or log on in a browser), select the correct backup set and get back on track.

It's restored, you send the accounts file off and meet the deadline. Now all that's left to do is decide which wine to choose for the meal. If only it was as simple as backing up your data!

We can step in and recover the document for you or if you've suffered a major disaster like a theft of machines or servers we can instigate a full recovery service.

We also offer a data delivery service if you need to recover a large amount of data which may take a long time to recover over the internet.

Don't end up regretting saying "It will never happen to me".

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29% of data loss occurs because of human error.
Companies who can't resume operations in 10 days of a disaster are likely to cease trading.
At least 6% of all computers will suffer some sort of data loss in a year.

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