Hybrid Backup

On premise backup with cloud protection

A belt and braces approach giving you the ultimate backup and recovery solution.

A hybrid local and remote cloud backup depolyment is the best way to ensure you have full protection with the added benefit of speed for on premise restoration.

Hybrid backup allows you to backup up files, databases, servers and bare metal images on site to a local machine, network drive or shared NAS box whilst also backing up to our Basic Storage cloud data centre.

Hybrid Backup

Built-in security

When backing up locally (and to our cloud servers), your data is secured with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption. Choose a private encryption key and add an extra layer of protection, ensuring only you can access your files. Even if your local backup is lost or stolen, no one can ever access your files.

Advanced Local Backup

Perform local backup for your SQL Server databases, Exchange Servers, SharePoint Servers, Oracle Server databases, System State data, Hyper-V virtual machines, and Disk Image of hard drives.

Add to this on-demand and scheduled backups and you have a fully customisable and controllable backup set up.

Simple to set up yourself or with help from Basic

Our backup software is easy to install and configure. And you'll be on your way to being protected in minutes. Start protecting today.

Have a large amount of data?

Use our seeding services to speed up the initial process of backing up your data and systems.

Protection is simple and could save your business

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"It's not always easy to understand the technical side to things such as this, so it was comforting to me to be guided through it properly. The peace of mind I have from knowing my work is safe has really helped me clear my head as well as my hard drive.

Once data is lost it can be hard if not impossible to get back. For me that is just unthinkable.

Prevention is definitely better than cure."

Cloud Backup Customer

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