Installation and On-Premise Seeding

Professional Installation Service

We can get your backup, storage and archive protection set up for you.

For complete peace of mind we can visit you on premise and carry out all of the software installation for you, along with taking the first initial backup set (seed).

Backing up a large amount of data over the internet can sometimes take a considerable amount of time to perform. To reduce the time and bandwidth required for initial backup, the Seed Load Utility can be utilized to perform this initial backup to a local removeable hard disk at your site, instead of backing up through the Internet. The backed up data is then transported to us, and then the data is imported into your backup account on our servers.

Data Shuttle Service

For fast recovery of large amounts of data use our data delivery service. One-time charge, includes return shipping. Ask for details.

Data Delivery - Intial First Seeding, Pickup and delivery service

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