What's The Risk?

"What's the point of backing up my data? I've never had a problem!"

If this is your response to the question "Do you backup your data, computers and servers?" then read on why you need to alter the way you think about your data protection strategy.

How long have you had your data and systems unprotected? 6 months? A year? Longer? When you talk about protecting valuable assets you wouldn't consider buying a car or property without insurance, so why do you think your data and computers should be any different.

A stolen or damaged computer is easily replaced but what of the files and data you create and store.

A backup of the system or simply the data can save you from loss of production or even losing a business entirely!

What are the most common causes of data loss?

  • Theft
  • Hardware failure
  • Human error
  • Virus
  • Software Failure

Less common but still possible dangers of system and data loss are:

  • Sabotage (Deliberate employee action)
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Other damage caused by natural disaster

Don't worry we're already backed up!

You may already be backing up you data but you may be relying on old technology and only a single method. This is not what a modern backup solution looks like.

Backup solutions that will fail in the long term.

Poor Backup Strategy

OK so you're backing up but... does it work? Have you checked it?

Part of our Managed Data Support services covers backup integrity checks and the whole restoration process. Most companies that have a backup process to protect their data, unfortunately don't actually test the recovery of data from their backups on a regular basis.

Because we insist on regular testing, we are confident that when the time is really needed to recovery data in a live situation, our processes are well rehearsed.

Don't leave it to chance. Get professional and invaluable data protection today.

Facts About Risk
29% of data loss occurs because of human error.
Companies who can't resume operations in 10 days of a disaster are likely to cease trading.
At least 6% of all computers will suffer some sort of data loss in a year.

Protection is simple and could save your business

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"I began to use an external hard drive as my business back-up.

Imagine my horror when not once, but twice, the external drive let me down and I lost literally all my data. It left me feeling frustrated and extremely vulnerable. I simply couldn't allow the same thing to happen a third time.

The Basic Online Data Backup service was exactly what I was looking for.

I know all my business records are safe and that even in the event of fire, theft or any other disaster, the data can simply be restored."

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