Cloud Data Storage & Archive

Long term archiving and live file storage

Cloud storage or archive should not be confused with cloud backup. Remote storage and archive's main purposes are for storing and accessing live files and for retaining data that needs to keep unchanged for long periods of time.

Basic Online Data Storage is ideal for:

  • Office files, that you want access to from multiple computers or devices.
  • Ample storage for all of your image and PDF documents, which can be accessed from your computer, mobile and tablet devices.
  • Or simply a location to keep a second copy of your data files.

Basic Online Storage is based on a WEBDAV Server and can be accessed natively through Windows, MAC OS and on mobile or tablet devices.

Basic Online Archiving is ideal for:

  • The business user who needs to archive past data for long term retention, but get instant access to this data archive at any time.
  • Online Archive Email files (e.g. Outlook PST files).
  • Data retention for legal compliance.
Why Basic Storage?
Your data is stored here in the UK unlike Dropbox or Google Drive
Data is processed and stored under UK Data Protection Law
There is no risk of Basic looking at the data you store with us

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